About me

Blockchain had me at hello! I have been excited about this technology since the day I discovered it, and had the privilege to write my thesis about it as one of the first students in the Netherlands. Blockchain technology holds the potential to redefine the way we establish trust and exchange value. You pick any industry, and this technology is very likely to disrupt it. If that sounds totally far-reaching, that's because it is!

This is exciting because it opens a new world of opportunities and requires a new way of thinking about governance, organisations, what they are, and how they exist and operate.

That is why I am helping organisations and government institutions navigate through the complex but fascinating world of Blockchain technology. By training them, they can better understand Blockchain technology & its related key concepts, the potential impact on their industry and how to benefit from this technology.

I am also the co-organizer of www.blockchaininnovationconference.com, the largest Blockchain conference of the Benelux bringing together +400 participants and +100 organizations - consisting of startups, academia, decision makers and corporates - to discuss the latest trends, developments and insights in the field of Blockchain technology.

Feel free to get in touch :)